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Long Weekend, Cars, Bikes, and then Catching Up

Since it was a long weekend from classes, I decided to take yesterday off of work and turn it into a long weekend in general which turned out to be a pretty good thing overall. After spending the day at the office on Friday where I successfully threw out a lot of crap from my desk in preparation for the office move, I came home and then we headed out to dinner with a friend of Kara's. Dinner was good, although for some reason, I couldn't fully get into enjoying it.

Saturday, woke up in the morning and started the day off right with a nice long bike ride. Lots of people were out and a fair number of stronger riders within the group made for a good and spirited ride. Got in about 50 miles and felt like my legs were feeling okay after a few days of not. Then some time at Starbucks and a quick stop at the shop and then headed home. Kara and I then headed out to look a little more at cars since hers has been showing some signs of its age. Then, dinner with friends and eventually home to pack up what I needed to have for the race on Sunday.

Sunday was pretty much consumed by the race and not much else between travel time, food, etc. A good time was (I think at least) had by all. See my last post for the details around it.

Yesterday ended up turning into car day. After doing some additional preparation, we headed out again. And a few hours later, we had signed a chunk of paperwork to purchase a new Prius. Okay, that makes it sound like it was a spur of the moment thing, but really, it was the result of a while worth of looking into our options. The hatchback will be good for when I need/want to carry a bike and it's just me or just me and a passenger and it's also practical from other perspectives. Going for the nav system may not quite have been “practical”, but it's at least fun 😉 It's definitely the car to appeal to geeks. After all of that, we came home, had dinner and did some cleaning up around the house. Later in the evening, we finally got around to watching Juno which was fun.

Today, it was back to the grind of school and work. Although to be fair, I did start out Earth Day with a few of my classmates doing a loop up the bike path and back. Was good to get to show some more people what's out and about and the weather really is getting to be perfect. After that was diving back into the piles and piles of mail and bugs awaiting me. Made pretty good progress plowing through them, though. Also studied a bit for the ERBA quiz tomorrow and did some work for Tech Strategy. I'm pretty glad that tomorrow is the last day of ERBA as having one class less should help a bit for my sanity which is good as the continued march towards the Fedora 9 release isn't helping it any 😉 So maybe it'll balance out. Hopefully information on the summer class schedule will get sent in the next few days as I'd really like to figure out what my plan is for the summer.

But now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to go relax and then try to get to bed a little early.


Decided to try to take some time this weekend for myself and not work as much as I have been on the weekends. Have been feeling a little bit less than fully charged, so figured it was worth it to get back up to my normal level. So since the weather looked like it was going to be disgusting on Saturday, we took the day for running some errands and some other things that had been being put off for a while. Of course, this meant that there was some really nice weather and I missed out on a good day for biking :-/ C'est la vie.

Yesterday, went ahead and went out even though the weather wasn't entirely ideal. Got in a good 45 mile ride, although for some reason, I seemed to be losing people at every turn. Was a little bit weird, but lots of people just had time commitments I think. Had a good little core group, though, and we rode pretty hard with little in the way of stopping. The latter being a bit part of what I'm trying to do more of this season — stopping less. Although the Quad ride is good, there's way too many long stops. So, trying to stop less and thus get in extra miles and have it be a better workout.

After the ride, I headed up to Tufts to help marshall for the Beanpot Classic Crit. Stood on corner 3 for about 3 hours during the collegiate women's A race, collegiate men's A race and the cat 3/4 race. There were some good things going on but the marshalling part lacked some excitement. Apparently I needed to be on one of the other corners for it to be exciting 🙂 Was still good to do, though. Then, dinner at Za which was very good — macaroni and cheese on a pizza sounds wrong, but it tastes oh so right. We'll have to go back for sure.

So yeah, pretty good weekend and I've been feeling a bit better and more productive today as a result.

Weekend’s End

And another weekend draws to a close. Much like the esteemed Mr. Frields, I stepped back from both work and class stuff for the weekend to just generally have a lazy, relaxing and enjoyable time. Friday, as I guessed, was largely spent lazing around. I slept in a bit, cleaned my bike, we picked up a couple of things at the Home Depot. The big achievement for the day was going out for a 30-ish mile ride with Kate after she got off from work. Just a short loop out to Concord/Carlisle and back. Was a good workout, though, given the amount of wind… sometimes, that cyclist you see in the middle of the lane isn't there because they're trying to take the lane; instead, the wind has put them there.

Saturday was a day of going out and being cultured. At least, sort of. Kara and I had made plans to go see Avenue Q and ended up going with and . The play was, as expected, quite funny although definitely somewhat … less than proper 🙂 Hence the “sort of” for being cultured. The Colonial Theater in Boston, though, is very very cool from an architectural perspective, it was built in 1900 and there's just a lot of neat and intricate woodwork and other things. Our seats were nosebleed, but you could see everything perfectly well. A good time was had by all and we got home and mostly just vegetated for the rest of the evening.

Today was a riding day again and I got up and headed out and did a 45 mile loop to Westford and back. We rode pretty hard and I'm starting to feel my legs and my form coming back. While I'm noticing it a little tonight, through the ride I felt strong even up to the very end and was pushing myself pretty hard at that point. Still need to decide if I'm going to make a real effort at racing this season or not — on the one hand, it could be fun. On the other, I'm not sure if I really have the time. But even if I don't go all out with racing, I think I'll at least try to do a few. Do another road race or two to see how I do and also probably should try out a crit, although I doubt that's really my racing strength.

This week, it's all work all the time. Or at least, lots of work lots of the time. Will still probably try to have some downtime in the evenings since it is technically spring break and Fedora 9 beta is done.

Spring break is here

A busy, busy week is now behind me and I get some small measure of relaxation. Spring break is here at last. Of course, I have to work next week instead of having the week entirely off, but it should still be quite a bit less hectic. And today just happens to be a holiday for work and I have no classes. So if you don't see me online much today (or over the weekend in general), don't be surprised.

But this was a pretty good week really. Was a little bummed by the weather last weekend leading to me not really getting any riding in, but so it goes. The first part of the week, I took one of the Sloan SIP workshops titled “Leadership Under Fire: Managing Hostility”. This was an interactive session where we got to look into some techniques for dealing with a hostile audience as well as getting to practice them. Which also meant we got to practice being a hostile audience, although I don't think that was the real intent 🙂 It was actually very, very helpful and hopefully I'll be able to actually have some of what was learned sink in rather so that I can use it in the future when in such situations.

Also related to classes, my Product Design and Development group has now narrowed things down to an explicit product concept as opposed to just having a few floating around. We think that it's pretty cool and the people that we've talked with about it also think so. Stay tuned for more information on this as things move onward.

For von Hippel's innovation class, I finished up the second paper last night and now am completely done with that class. Overall, quite enjoyable. I would have liked to have been able to dive a bit deeper into some of the things we talked about rather than remaining at the high level, but part of that is due to the fact that I have a fair bit of familiarity with the subject matter already. For the second half of the semester, I'll instead be taking Tech Strategy which is looking like it is going to be an amazing class, although with a fair bit of work. But I'm still looking forward to that starting up.

Outside of classes, there's been the big push over the past couple of weeks to finish up the beta for Fedora 9. We've now finally done so and it's on its way to the mirrors now. That means that we can sit back and really start adding the polish and final bugfixing to help make Fedora 9 as good as possible. I encourage everyone to at least download the beta live image and try it out on your hardware and file bugs if things don't work. And even more importantly, if you can help fix things, contribute patches 🙂

But today is not going to be about any of those things. Today is about relaxing. I think I'm going to take the time to really clean my bikes good, play some video games, maybe waste some time down at the bike shop and just generally unwind.


Had a pretty good weekend and even managed to get in a little bit of relaxing (which I'll pay for later, but I needed it). Friday night after meeting with my PDD group, I headed towards home and we got dinner with some friends. Mmmm, thai food. Also sat around for a while just chatting. Then headed our separate ways and Kara and I headed home and played a bit of Rock Band.

Saturday was monsoon day and also the day that Kara and I were going to observe as our anniversary, given our busy school schedules. So we ran some errands, worked on some homework together and then ordered dinner in and watched a rented movie. It was just the low key sort of evening that we both needed.

Yesterday, woke up early and headed out with the Quad folks for a ride in the wind. While windy, it was good to get out again as it'd been way too many weeks since I'd ridden with the group. And similarly, too long since I'd ridden the Merlin. Thus, a very enjoyable ride — only about 35 miles, but that's okay for March. Eventually headed home (after length stops at Starbucks and the shop), tried to work a little and then headed into school to meet with my PDD group again. Which ends up meaning that my total milage for the day was like 50. I think the last time I did a 50 mile day was November, so this morning, my legs were wondering why I was pushing them again as I rode in to school.

But a very good weekend. And now a busy week ahead. It's the SDM business trip, so lots of people on campus and lots of activities, etc. Also, have to finish up my two papers for von Hippel's class, do an ERBA problem set and get ready for the ERBA quiz next week. Oh, and finalize our selection of a product concept for PDD for next week. And on top of that, there's also the Fedora freeze. So, yeah… busy, sporadic availability and seeing just how much can be gotten done over the next 100 hours or so 😉


The month started out with the beginning of spring classes. A month in and I think i've got a good feel for the amount of work required for them. With 36 credits, its a pretty sizable amount but doable. It helps that for PDD I have a pretty awesome group. Building a product is going to take some time, though. ERBA is matching my expectations pretty well although the class drags at times with some of the questions. The idea of broadening it to also include some game theory types of things is interesting and probably compelling to be considered. Professor von Hippel's class is, as he said on the first day of class, fun. I probably should get started on the papers for it this weekend, though. The discussions and ideas are quite good and incredibly relevant in open source where its easy for lead users to contribute and help innovate.

On the work front, its been a balancing act. I've had to let a few things slide a little, but I still think I've gotten some cool work done for Fedora 9. There's also been a large chunk of time taken by a non-Fedora project.

Outside of those, its been a crappy month for riding. The weather has alternated between pouring rain, snow/ice and super cold. Even my commuting has been a lot less. I'm optimistic that things will get back to a more normal level in March. The fact that I didn't sign up for the March T pass will impact that too :). And hopefully the weekends will be nice for getting in some longer rides on the Merlin too. But given the weather (okay, and a few other reasons ;), I did pick up a PS3 and Rock Band. The PS3 actually is pretty nice from a hardware point of view and some of the games look impressive. And Rock Band is as much fun as its made out to be 😉

But now, back to work…

Happy New Year

And so the calendar turns over again.

Had a fairly slow day yesterday. Got a few little things done, including some more bug triaging and some little bug fixes. Then, as the snow was far less than expected, I headed out to run some errands in the afternoon and was actually able to get in a few more miles biking for the year.

Then we had a pretty good New Year's Eve with a small group of friends over for some board games and people ended up heading out about 2:30-ish, so a pretty good time was had I think. I really enjoyed playing Curses which was quite a bit more fun than expected.

Now to try to be vaguely productive today. Or, maybe I'll just play some video games and read 🙂


Had a good Christmas. We went down to NC to spend time with my family. We flew out last Friday and then flew back Wednesday morning. Our flight on Friday was a little concerning due to some unexpected delays and not a lot of time to make our connection, but it worked out okay. While we were in Hickory, we also managed to get together with and one night and then the next day. Other than that, it was pretty low key. Got quite a bit of reading done, watched a few movies and ate way too much.

Since getting back, have tried to get some of my backlog of stuff for work taken care of. Unfortunately, progress has been slower than I'd like and some of the current rawhide bugs haven't been helping. But some good things have gotten done. Should hopefully get some more done over the next few days before school starts for me on Thursday. And then, I'm not going to get much Fedora-related done for the next month — hopefully I'll be able to keep up with mail, but more than that may well be over-optimistic.

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Overall, having a pretty good weekend. Friday evening, headed down towards Fenway to have dinner and hang out with some SDM folks. Met another person in my cohort who had just moved to the area from Lebanon to start SDM. Also present were some of the by now I guess “usual suspects”. Had a good time at dinner and we then migrated over to play some pool for a bit. A good time was had and we eventually headed home.

Yesterday, the morning ride was cancelled due to poor road conditions. Instead, I shoveled a path for my car and took it up to the dealer to turn it in. My lease is up soon and between the shuttle to the office from Alewife, public transit to Cambridge and biking around town for errands, I no longer had a need for a car. Kara still has her car for when we need to go somewhere via car, but this way will let us save a bit and also just seems like the “right” thing to do. After that, we took care of some Christmas shopping. Also while we were out, I looked a bit for some more suitable shoes for the snow, etc… unfortunately, everyone else has now had that idea also and so things were pretty picked over and I didn't have much luck.

Today, we were supposed to be getting together for a friend's birthday but the accumulation of snow and ice thus far might make that more challenging. Especially if the management company doesn't show up soon to start clearing walkways, etc. And with my aforementioned lack of boots.

19 November

Good weekend overall. Went to see the play Brendan Friday night. It was pretty good. The theater that it was performed in was really nice… new and smaller, which made being able to see not even close to a problem. It was also nice afterwards when we were walking to get dinner as I could look at Google Maps on my phone to ensure we were walking in the right direction.

Saturday, I woke up and decided against going for a ride. Instead, spent a little bit of time poking at some non-Fedora work stuff. Went and ran some errands then came home. Played a bit of Guitar Hero while Kara worked on a paper for class. Decided to take it easy in the evening so just ordered pizza and watched some episodes of Dexter and a few other things which had been building up on the Tivo.

Yesterday, woke up and did ride. Did about 40 miles and the weather was definitely the nicer of the two days. Although maybe a tiny bit colder it was a lot less windy making for a more pleasant ride. Not a lot of people out, though — we only had at most 20 people. But I guess that's the norm as it gets colder.

Today has thus far been spent getting a handle on some backlogged bugs and preparing an update for some bugs which people have found with pirut in the first little bit of Fedora 8 being in the wild. Also, responding to some of the feedback on the post of a major refactoring of livecd-creator. Unfortunately, the latter has seen less feedback than I would have liked, but not less than I realistically expected. Infrastructure tools are something that people just want to work — how they work is less of a concern. But the idea is to start having an API beneath livecd-creator that can be used by other tools and also a move towards hopefully sharing more code with anaconda.

Over the rest of the week, I'm hoping to get a little further both with the livecd bits as well as the filesystem resizing code for anaconda. It's a short week, though, so not sure if I'll actually be that successful.