A Fedora Offer – Package Reviews

As some may have noticed, I’ve been a little bit less active on the Fedora front of late due to looking into some new areas (more to come about that later probably). To try to keep my fingers in a little bit, consider this a standing offer from me to try to do some more package reviews. If you have a package that you feel strongly about getting into Fedora either to support a feature you’re working on or to start some interest in new areas or even just to take care of a long-nascent merge review, let me know in one of the usual ways (email, irc, etc) and I’ll try to get to it. My goal is a very modest one a week, but hopefully it can help some with the review pressure. And if all of the Fedora contributors who had been around for a while would make the same sort of offer, then we could make even more progress.

Thanks to bpepple for unintentionally encouraging me to do this (I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but never get around to it) by asking for a review on fedora-devel-list last night!