Spring classes continued

I had the first session of my second (of three) classes today. The class is Evolution to Web 3.0 an the Impact on Business 3.0. While the title is somewhat chuckle worthy it actually seems like it should be a good class. It’s at least as much focused on the evolution to where we are today with web technologies and their impact on business and business processes in addition to the question of how you make money in such businesses. Then again, it’s a new class, so I guess in some ways, everything is subject to change based on how things progress over the course of the semester. There’s definitely going to be a very large component of discussion and participation in class, which is (usually) a good thing.

As a Sloan class instead of an SDM or ESD class, there’s definitely a different mix of people but that was one of my goals with the class. The mix is interesting though – I’d say about two thirds have a software-y background, most of the rest have an IT background and then there are a non-trivial number who just thought it sounded interesting or are trying to move to be in the software/computing space. The latter group may in some ways have the most interesting thoughts just because they’re not spoiled from being so deep in things.

Tomorrow, I get to have the first session of my other class for the first half of the semester, System Optimization. It’s supposed to not be bad, both being sort of interesting and fun and also not being huge amounts of work. Hopefully, that holds up 🙂