Spring Racing Schedule

Inspired by SoC’s post, I sat down and started looking at the NEBRA racing calendar tonight. There really are an astounding number of races within two hours of Boston. The biggest problem is that a lot of them have yet to put up a more clear picture of what categories they’re going to have. And since I want to, for example, avoid 3/4 races it’s not easy to really come up with a full plan.

That said, I think that my racing plan is going to consist of a lot of the ECCC races for MIT in April and wrap up a first set of races by mid-May. Then, take a few weeks of resting and then pick by up with an aim for a second peak for either Fitchburg or Working Man’s to get in a stage race for the year.

We’ll have to see, though, if my plan changes as I start to come out of the base training period and start ramping up my training intensity over the next couple of weeks to really see what I’ve got. It’s hard to imagine racing right now with the continued snow and cold that we’re getting although this weekend looks like it’ll be good for some solid hours on the bike