Spring classes

The spring semester for me started today since I’m taking a class at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.  The class that I’m taking is Game Theory with Applications to Strategic Decision Making.  I’ve had an interest in game theory for quite a while, just because it’s kind of neat things to think about.  And I’ve heard good things about the KSG course, so figured it would be good.  As an added bonus, it fits in pretty well with my schedule for the semester, although I have an easier time getting to Harvard since I usually bike.

Anyway, first day of class was today and it was fun.  It looks like the general structure of the class is doing readings, having some discussion, playing through a game to show some of the strategy and then looking back at it.  An added bonus for today’s class was a clip from The Princess Bride — the part where Vizzini and Wesley have their battle of the wits.  Which, really, if both parties were playing by the same rules (which they weren’t) is a case that you really end up wanting a random strategy.

More almost certainly to come from the class over the course of the semester, and if you end up at one of the game nights which we occasionally hold, please excuse me while I over-analyze them.