The end of the semester comes early it seems

For some reason, the end of this semester seems to be coming early this time around. Although the end of classes isn't until the middle of December, it seems that pretty much everything is due before Thanksgiving. Which, coupled with trying to get Fedora 10 out the door is going to make the next few weeks a pile of pain.

So if the updates from me seem sparse, that's why. And then of course, to make things even more fun, I came down with something the end of last week which I haven't quite managed to completely shake. Although at this point, it might just be my usual congestion for this time of year.

One thought on “The end of the semester comes early it seems”

  1. are you sure? I am still quite stressed with all the homework stuff. I seem to become less fan of sdm classes these days. Hopefully, I can get something more interesting in the spring.

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