Fedora 10 Snapshot 2 posted with some improvements for running on the XO

As an update to my post last week, Snapshot 2 of Fedora 10 should be available via bittorrent now. (I had intended to post this update on Friday, but then my main laptop decided to start randomly and regularly dying on me :-/)

Again if you ensure that you have the latest livecd-iso-to-disk script, there are a few changes and improvements with Snap2

  • If you pass –swap-size-mb to the script, you'll get a swap file set up which gets automatically activated on boot. As mentioned by others, having some swap makes a huge difference.
  • We set up the inernal nand (flash) to be used for /home. We don't reuse the homedir from the main XO OS but the data is written there so you can update images without losing changes
  • Related to that, we now reset the overlay on every boot. This means the only saved bits are the things in /home. But this lets us worry (less) about filling the overlay and causing things to crash.

On the other hand, from my quick reading of mailing lists so far, there may also be some other performance regressions vs Snap1. Testing and details from people appreciated as always.