Took a long weekend from pretty much everything work related (although I had to do some school work) and then got back this evening and spent way too much time on some homework for System Architecture. This process was made more frustrating by OpenOffice deciding to crash and corrupt its own backup file in the process. I'm so glad that office software really hasn't improved :-/

So if you've sent an email and expected to see a response from me, hopefully I'll get to it tomorrow. Direct mail looks quiet, but I see there are some 800 messages on various Fedora related lists for me to get through…

For those chomping at the bit about Fedora on OLPC, the new snapshot images that went up on Friday should work better on the XO and integrate everything that's needed without requiring a special OLPC build. You'll also want the updated <a href=" which copies the uncompressed ext3fs.img onto your SD card rather than the squashfs. You'll definitely need a 4 GB SD card instead of a 2 GB one for that and there are also some corner cases like running out of disk space that I haven't fixed up in the script, hence why it's not in git yet. And if none of that makes sense, I'm intending to get a more verbose update up tomorrow.

But right now, it's after midnight and I was up before 5 am to head down to a bike race and so I'm exhausted and going to go crash into bed for a few hours so that I can wake up in the morning and maybe even make it to class on time…

One thought on “Back…”

  1. Typo in livecd-iso-to-disk?

    Verifying image…
    /home/devel/jlaska/Download/F10-Snap1-i686-Live/F10-Snap1-i686-Live.iso: 8d05888ee1a760be3896ed5fecc87941
    Fragment sums: 38131debb2fb6552219be432715967eaa18477f1cc9366fb4547163f2584
    Fragment count: 20
    Checking: 100.0%

    The media check is complete, the result is: PASS.

    It is OK to use this media.
    livecd-iso-to-disk: line 373: 768 + + 679 + : syntax error: operand expected (error token is ” “)
    Already set up as live image.
    Deleting old OS in fifteen seconds…

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