Holiday Weekend Wrapup

This weekend was a long (3 day) holiday weekend in the US and since classes start back up this week, I mostly spent the weekend away from a computer.

Started things out on Friday evening by (finally) getting around to getting a haircut and a few other errands. Then Kara and I grabbed dinner, came home and then caught up on some things recorded on the TiVo. Including the rest of the Daily Show's “live” coverage of the DNC. We were suitably amused.

Saturday morning, woke up to the surprise of wet roads. But since it wasn't actively raining, went out on the Quad ride anyway and had a quite nice ride. Came home, had a quick lunch, cleaned the bike and then we headed over to some friends' house for a bit. Played Race for the Galaxy for a while which was quite a bit of fun actually. Then, we headed to Za! for dinner with some other friends as well. Ended up seeing and as they were having dinner there as well.

Sunday, again woke up and went on the Quad ride. Kara also headed out. Another good ride and then spent a good chunk of time at the bike shop. Ended up helping a few people with various things and then eventually headed home. Then, we headed over to another friend's house for an end of summer barbeque. Matthew is also from NC (randomly — he's one of the other people I ride with) and was previously a chef — so, he made pulled pork. It was quite good, as was the sausage which he made. Lots of people, only some of whom I even had a chance to meet and to be honest ended up spending a lot of time talking with people that I already knew. Headed home before it got to be too terribly late and got some more good sleep.

This morning, I again woke up and headed down for a bike ride, though a significantly different route today than the normal Quad ride. We ended up with a group of six of us and set a good pace for the entire ride. Then, grocery shopping as we were really starting to run low on a lot of our sort of staple foods. And then, again, dinner with friends.

All in all, a very good weekend. And this week starts back the full grind of work and school. I'm currently thinking of just sitting in on the first day or two of a few of my options as far as classes are concerned so that I can really decide which seems like the best fit. And also, hopefully making some more Fedora on XO progress. But more on that tomorrow or so — reading and then sleep time now.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend Wrapup”

  1. It looks like you are using a Garmin Edge 305 for your stats? I have been considering getting one of those to help with training – do you like it? Are you able to retrieve the data off of it with a Linux app?

  2. Yep, it’s the Edge 305. And for the 95% of the time, I’m pretty happy with it — unfortunately there’s also a 5% of the time where it starts randomly turning itself off due to a short. Which is apparently a design defect. There are some ways of minimizing it and I actually may have made it almost entirely a non-issue now (fingers crossed)

    As far as grabbing the data off in Linux, there’s garmin-sync which I’ve packaged up and is available in Fedora. It works fine for grabbing off the files and then uploading to MotionBased. Putting a route on is a little more complex and I have had mixed amounts of success with it.

    Once the MotionBased to Garmin Connect transition happens, I’m actually considering sitting down and writing the browser plugin so that the upload can happen directly from the device in the browser as occurs on other OS’s; I’ve mostly held off because I figured it was worth waiting for the new site and any new syncing mechanisms they add.

    As far as just locally analyzing the data, pytrainer in theory should work but it’s unfortunately a bit rough. Another thing for me to work on in my copious spare time. But if the Farmer’s Almanac is correct about this winter, well, I might have more spare time on my hands 😉

  3. I had heard about the power off issue with the Edge 305’s. I need to do some more internet reading on that issue to see folks have been coming up with.

    That is good to hear that I will be able to pull the data off the device with Fedora. That had been another one of my concerns.

    As for spare time, I’m not sure how you find time to get all things done that you get done! Thanks for the response!

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