The “Cambridge” release returns

The results of the voting on the Fedora 10 name were announced today. And I am quite pleased to see that my suggestion, Cambridge, is the winning name. Now, for those who don't know, Cambridge has a special significance as the internal project name for Red Hat Linux 10 (prior to switching it to become Fedora Core 1) was also Cambridge. And thus, we have returned to where we were five years ago completing some form of sick, sick circle.

7 thoughts on “The “Cambridge” release returns”

  1. Nope. I don’t know that it’s met the rules as of yet.

    The rule to go from release N to release N+1 is that ‘N is a _____’ and ‘N+1 is a ____’ with the same blank for both. And you can’t reuse the link that was used for N-1 to N.

  2. Does that mean it’s time to kill fedora, re-structure RHEL around a new direction, and then re-launch in a few months with new-model-new-name-same-bits again?

    (I kid, I kid. But I was thinking that with the next fedora, it will have gone where no prior RH-sponsored distro had gone before : version 10)

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