FIOS update

As mentioned last week, I have switched at home from using Comcast for cable + internet to Verizon FIOS. The install ended up taking a bit longer than I would have hoped, but in the end, seemed to work out okay. Speed on the internet was good and the picture quality also seemed good. Went away for a couple of days for the Seacoast Safari. Got home on Sunday and was going to watch the stage from the Tour. Switch on the Tivo and see it wasn't recorded. Checking why and I see that Versus isn't tuning for some reason. Call up tech support, they reauthorize the cable cards, no dice. So set up a tech to visit. Unfortunately with the business trip being this week, the first time I could really be around for them to come out was this afternoon. This left me Tour-less for a few days, to my dismay :-/

But today, the tech showed up and he seemed to have a pretty good knowledge of cable cards and had even set up a couple of Tivos. But we just went straight to swapping out the cards. Take down all the info, get the infamous 161-4 authorization “error” (which means things are working) and wait for the auth to finish. And then Versus starts to come in, but it comes and goes. So, switch some cables out and things seem to be working well. So now I can get my Tour fix for the final time trial and the last stage. Would have been nice to have gotten to earlier, but c'est la vie.

As far as the network side of FIOS, I'm very impressed. I've got the 10/2 plan and downloaded a test livecd from my box at the office to home over wireless + vpnc and averaged 1.17 MB/sec for the entire file. Which is pretty awesome.

So at this point, pretty happy overall with the service. And looking forward to the massive HD rollout that's planned for the next few months on FIOS.

I do also have to give a nice nod to Comcast — when I called to cancel, they asked why and didn't try to be a pain about it when I told them. It was nice to not really have any hassle about it at all. And they gave two weeks for returning the equipment after already turning everything off (and thus stopping billing me)