SDM Business Trip, Summer ’08

This semester's business trip seems to have a better turn out than the one from the spring. It's been good to see the distance folks again but given the classes I chose to take and people doing internships, there are a lot of people around I haven't seen much of.

Yesterday as a speaker we had Nitzan Shaer. And while he was an interesting speaker he seemed somewhat unwilling to generalize based upon his experience and instead just recounted a lot about Skype. He had a couple of specific comments about the mobile space more generally but it really wasn't his focus. The amount of interest in mobile though is phenomenal and quite possibly higher than it should be. But it's hard to ignore a market of 3.5 billion phones 🙂

Last night was then dinner at the Summer Shack. Was good to go around and talk with folks and also got to catch up with Alyson a bit on her new job. And ended up having a couple of conversations with people about the iPhone. Unfortunately due to class, Kara couldn't make it.

Today was a light day with lunch and then nothing really until dinner time. For that we had a mixer with the LFMs which was good. And for a change we managed to go through the entire budget for the event.

Tomorrow is class in the morning and then the SDM town hall. Then i'll hopefully get some good work done before heading to the alumni event which Yoav helped to put together.

And then on tap for the weekend – rest. Between Seacoast over the weekend and this week, I'm looking forward to it.