And by popular demand… a plymouth screencast

And by popular (by which, I mean one person) demand, a screencast of plymouth on the live cd.


Currently using vesafb to get the pretty graphics instead of modesetting. And there's something slowing down livecd boots the past couple of days, but I haven't gotten around to looking at what it is. But it lets you see the basic idea.

15 thoughts on “And by popular demand… a plymouth screencast”

  1. Look vs. Functionality

    The graphics looks superb, but (there’s always but šŸ˜‰

    No progress bar. When you wait for ~20-30 seconds,
    you need it because otherwise people don’t know if
    it’s stuck or advancing.
    The option in rhgb to view details was important

    Thanks for the work, rhgb indeed look a bit clumsy (speed,
    occasional flicker during modesetting, etc.)

  2. I love it!

    Hey, that’s wonderful!

    The animation is pretty nice, and having a flicker free boot on my macbook is a dream šŸ™‚

    Thanks a lot for the work!

  3. Re: Look vs. Functionality

    The intended progress bar is the spinning infinity — we’ll have to see how people end up reacting to it šŸ™‚ The thing that’s hard about a progress bar is you don’t know how long various steps will take.

    As far as viewing details, you can press escape and all the boot messages will appear. Escape again and you’re back to purtiness.

  4. There’s still a lot to do to finish getting startup nice — and then the better answer for shutdown might be just to make it fast enough not to matter

  5. Re: new X for GDM

    As listed on the feature page, one of the outstanding things to do is to get X reusing the existing mode and start on the same vt. Which requires that we actually be using the modesetting drivers rather than (ab)using framebuffer drivers.

    Hopefully the basic modesetting support will be landing in the rawhide kernel this week or early next for Intel hardware and then some of those sorts of issues will get ironed out.

  6. Yeah, my boot has drastically slowed down again in the past week or two but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and find the bottleneck. We’re probably starting a bunch of new services tha twe shouldn’t

    As far as suspend to disk, it’s something that’s on the list to look at, but realistically, I suspect that there’s not going to be time before F10 to get it hooked up nicely. I could be shown to be wrong, though.

  7. Progress

    I like very much the new infinity spinner.
    If let’s say it takes too long to boot and I press ESC (as suggested in previous comments) should I be able to see what is taking so long and if the boot is stalled ?
    If yes – I am positively sure that the new spinner will be greatly accepted instead of the progress bar.

  8. Re: Progress

    Yep, pressing escape will show you the buffer of all of the text which has been displayed up to that point.

  9. Input

    Will Plymouth accept input ?

    Or will it miserably crash as RHGB when the password for mounting cyphered partitions is asked ?

    Looks great anyway.

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