The days get shorter

Got out and had a couple of nice, fast rides this weekend. Saturday was a double dinosaur for a metric century and then about fifty miles yesterday. And I'm doing pretty well at getting my speed up while still being able to do some sprinting from there. Should help a bit when racing. My original plan for the weekend had been to do the Wells Ave training race on Sunday, but it ended up being cancelled for various reasons. But, the intense training rides were a good substitute. And then hopefully I'll get down to Wells Ave this Sunday instead.

Otherwise, a pretty uneventful and low key weekend.

Then, spent today in the office taking care of a few things. Ended up spending a lot of time talking with people about various things and made little progress on my attempt to get us down to one set of keyboard data. I think that the quickest route to actually making this happen is going to be to take the Debian ckbcomp perl script and just pre-run it against the xkeyboard-config data into a package for the “primary” keyboard maps. And then if you want to generate your own for an abnormal case, you can. Eventually it would be nice, though, to get ckbcomp written in C and do the xkb -> console keyboard mapping done at boot-time (or even within loadkeys directly). If it's something you're interested in working on, let me know and I can point you in the right direction.

5 thoughts on “The days get shorter”

  1. Saturday was a double dinosaur for a metric century and then about fifty miles yesterday.

    …I read that three times and I still have no idea what the hell you just said.

  2. The Dinosaur is a part of a bike route around here, thus the double dinosaur is doing it twice. Metric century is 100k, and then 50 miles

    All biking.

  3. Re: Perl

    Because the people that want the distribution to have a small footprint actually have valid reasons for doing so.

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