More git support for fedorapeople

One of the things provided for Fedora contributors is access to for hosting various web content. One thing that has become somewhat common there is hosting a git repository for someone to take a look from time to time. And since its inception, making this a little bit nicer has been one of the things I've hoped to be able to do.

Now that we have some time from observing the load and feel that the box isn't terribly loaded, I spent some time this afternoon making things a bit nicer for users who want to have a small git repository hosted there. As of right now, this should be considered beta (at best) and it may go away based on some trial time. Also, if you are hosting something more substantial with a number of contributors, I strongly suggest using fedorahosted instead. With those disclaimers out of the way, here's the basics for using it.

  • Create a public_git directory in your home directory
  • Put your git repository under this directory. Common methods for initially doing this would be rsync or scp of a repository you already have.
  • Touch the git-daemon-export-ok file in the repository. This makes it so that others have access to the repository
  • You can also set a description for the project by editing the description file in the repository
  • Users can clone your repository via something like git clone git://
  • You can see your project listed in gitweb once the project list updates (hourly). Note that this URL may change

And that's all there is to it. The documentation for fedorapeople has been updated with this information as well. Let me know if you run into any problems.

5 thoughts on “More git support for fedorapeople”

  1. How to push?

    Everything seems to work out of the box except git push.
    I am not sure which url to use while pushing.
    I tried something like “git push ssh://”, but it didn’t work.
    Could you please help me out in that part?

  2. Re: How to push?

    You need to include public_git in the path for pushing. While git-daemon handles looking in a path under your home directory, bare git (which is what gets used by ssh) does not. Yes, this is kind of lame

  3. git URLs in gitweb possible?

    Would it be possible to add URL: lines to the head of gitweb project pages like e.g. gitweb do?

    And perhaps the gitweb front page could remove the public_git part? As far as I can tell, the the “URL” constructed by the page title and the path with the USER/public_git/project.git cannot be accessed by git in any way, so that is just redundant information, right?

    Great feature, even so, though!

  4. Re: git URLs in gitweb possible?

    The problem for both is doing the massaging necessary for the display. gitweb by default doesn’t really have the right knobs to tweak without just editing the perl script directly. Or at least, if it does, I didn’t see them.

    If someone wants to get a gitweb_config.perl working that makes them work, I’m more than willing to deploy them. But I stopped beating my head against the brick wall after a few hours.

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