FUDCon Wrapup

Today was the last day of FUDCon and as opposed to the past two days of hackfests, today was instead set up as a bar camp style unconference and held at the BU Photonics Center. This was our fourth time at BU, third at the Photonics Center, and as always, the accomodations were perfect for what we needed.

The morning started off with me swinging by to meet up with so that we could bike down to BU. Had a nice relatively leisurely ride down and then helped make sure that things were set to begin. As is usual for a barcamp, the number of people interested in pitching a session was high and most of them had high amounts of interest. I pitched both a reprise of my LiveCD talk from the summit as well as a talk to help people get started with git.

After the pitching and arranging of talks, I ended up going to a number over the course of the day. In the first slot, I switched a bit between the Java/Eclipse talks and mmcgrath's talk on a Community Services Infrastructure. Then, it was on to do my git talk. This went pretty well, although I could have easily filled up more time. I tried to get a screencast of it, but was unsuccessful. But I might try to turn some of it into a series of posts for posterity sake. After sandwiches for lunch, I headed to the discussion of requirements for a new SCM system. This is something that I need to try to carve some more time out for as it probably is something that can get us big wins. But I'm not really sure where that time can come from at the moment :-/ In the next slot, I ended up going to the Upstart talk over the TurboGears 2.0 talk and in retrospect, probably should have gone the other way. But so it goes. And finally, I gave my livecd talk quickly and then went to heckle davej a bit đŸ™‚

Finally, stickster gave a State of Fedora talk and then it was on to FUDPub where I spent the evening (and longer than I originally intended) hanging out and chatting with folks. Finally, I'm home and pretty much beat. It's been an extremely full 5-ish days and I'm definitely feeling it, both from a lack of sleep as well as the “oh, so much information exchange” perspective. But, it's also been a good few days.

But now, it's time to try to get a little bit of homework done before bed so that hopefully I can get out on a ride in the morning and maybe make substantial progress on finishing up the homework tomorrow. Because Monday brings the beginning of another full week…