Red Hat Summit Day 1

Yesterday was the official beginning of the Summit and, per usual, things started off with a few keynotes. Jim Whitehurst, the new CEO of Red Hat, started things off with a bit of affirmation of the Red Hat strategy and the value of open source. The second keynote was by Dr John Halamka about the role of openness within health care which was pretty interesting. After the keynotes, I headed back to the Fedora table to hang out and get ready to do my presentation which had the second slot of the day.

For my presentation, I talked a bit about the work on and with Live CDs within Fedora — everything from the history to how they work to where things are going. The talk went pretty well, although the room was less full than I thought. If you're going to be at FUDCon, though, I'll probably reprise most of the talk. And I'll be putting up the slides later today once I've fixed a couple of bugs I found in them.

The rest of the day was basically spent at the Fedora table and talking with lots of people about various things. Then, headed over to Fenway for the party there. Where I had basically the same plan which was to talk with lots of people. Finally, headed home and crashed so that I could get more sleep for today and the start of FUDcon proper. But I could still have done with a little bit more …

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