Red Hat Summit, Day 0 Wrapup

After class yesterday, I headed over to the convention center to register for the Summit and see who else was around. Ran into a few people from the Westford office and we went past security to get a jump on registering. Then, I headed over to man the Fedora table until some other folks showed up to help. The table is outside the exhibit hall area right next to the Red Hat Cool Stuff store and we should have someone manning it consistently to put Fedora 9 (with updates as of Monday) onto a USB stick for you. Conveniently all Summit attendees get a 1 gig usb stick when they check-in 🙂

Anyway, hung out at the table for a while as various Fedora folk started to show up. Also ended up helping the IT guys to get some of the laptops to work better. Then a bunch of us eventually headed to dinner around 9 or 9:30. As has become some sort of sick Fedora in Boston related tradition we ended up eating at the Uno's on Boylston. We left just before the streets exploded with honking horns and many drunk people (the Boston Celtics won the NBA championship last night). Biked home and made it home just before 1.

And now I'm back at the convention center and I made sure things look good with the IT guys. Then breakfast and it's time for day 1's keynotes to begin….