Red Hat Summit, Day 0

Tomorrow is the first day of this year's Red Hat Summit. As with previous years, I am speaking. But unlike previous years, this year's summit is in Boston and so I don't have any traveling to do. It's kind of weird. On the one hand, it'll make things easier. On the other, I'll be heading home afterwards and thus will have travel time for things, leading to wanting to leave earlier so that I can at least get a little sleep.

Also making things different is that we're going to be having FUDCon at the same time (well, mostly). Hackfests for FUDcon are Thursday and Friday and then we'll be having a barcamp on Friday. So I'll be wanting to split my time between some of the Summit sessions and FUDCon stuff. And it's also going to be harder to figure out which set of things to do in the evenings.

But now, it's time for System Dynamics. If you're going to be at the Summit or FUDcon, be sure to stop me and say hi!