Fedora Board Elections Underway

The elections for the Fedora board begin today and lasts for a week and a half. And while I would encourage all Fedora contributors to have their voice heard by voting anyway, this is perhaps a more significant election than normal. For one thing, there are substantially more seats up for election this time around than there ever really are — four. This is due to two big reasons: 1) resetting what has become an off-kilter election cycle (there was only one seat up last time) and 2) adding an additional elected seat. After this election, the Fedora board will be majority elected rather than appointed by Red Hat. This is something which I think is important to keep in mind as you choose whom you vote for both in the sense of “who” as well as the “what does this mean that the Board looks like post-election”

Now I'd like to draw some attention to a couple of candidates in particular. I had considered running for the Board again (I filled an appointed seat for the first year-ish but have not been on the board for the past year), but decided against running so that some of the newer faces and names in the Fedora world that are on the candidate list could have a chance of not being drowned out. So rather than running myself, I figure I'll highlight some of those people.

First up is Jon Stanley. I haven't actually met Jon in person yet as I wasn't able to make it to FUDCon in Raleigh in January, but I'm very much looking forward to doing so at next week's FUDCon. Jon is someone who just kind of popped up out of nowhere and said “I'm going to make bug triaging happen”. And that's exactly what he's done. Including recruiting a few other people to help out. This has been invaluable in a few areas and it really shows what just one person can do in Fedora. Therefore, I really look forward to seeing what initiatives he'd drive forward if elected to the Board. He says he has no notable superpowers, but I don't believe it.

Next up on my list is Jonathan Roberts. He's been around the Fedora project for a while, largely in the docs area like our fearless leader as well as the Fedora Marketing work but has been branching out into more areas recently and helping again to just drive things to happening. And it's not the flashy things necessarily, but just the things that need to be done like helping to get the websites team organized and moving. And that's leading to some real progress in making our web presence more consistent as well as more focused on the right audience. Best of all, it's not that he's doing all the work himself — instead, he's doing things to enable others to do work… just the sort of leadership that is positive and I think what we want from those on the Board.

I suspect that the rest of the names on the candidate list are pretty familiar to most, if not all, of the Fedora audience. The only other thing that I'll note is that the makeup of the Board will strongly influence the direction of the Board's tasks. Especially true in light of recent discussions about what is the role of FESCo and how does that relate to the Board's role. If we want the Board to be taking less of a technical role, then one component of that has to be not filling the Board with the highly technical people. Because people will gravitate to the things which they are familiar and comfortable with.

Okay, enough talking. On with the voting!

Update: One other thing to note — be sure to hit Submit the second time to actually ensure that your vote is submitted!

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