Heat wave says that summer is here

As a couple of people have mentioned, something of a heat wave has hit the greater Boston area over the past few days, and I actually have been pretty glad. I'm tired of days where it's 60 and drizzly. They're particularly not motivating to get out and train/ride. Because although I do want to do well racing, I also want to have fun… if it's not fun, then I probably have other things I could be/should be doing with my time. So, yesterday I got out and did 55 miles at a pretty good pace.

Then, today, I went down to the Wells Ave training crit in Newton to try out my first crit. And, somewhat to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it more than I expected. I started out at the front and pretty much stayed in the front of the pack for the entire race (15 laps, 12 miles). The pace was high but not too ridiculously so, and by staying at the front, I was at least able to avoid some of the accordion-ing that happens further back in the pack. I also apparently avoided some sketchier riders. I didn't go for any of the primes (that's pronounced preems for the non-cyclists out there reading), instead just being content to sit back and then maybe try to go at the end. As we rounded the back half of the course on the last lap, a few guys took off and I basically decided to catch on and try to follow them for all that I could. And up until about 100-150 yards to go, I was good. But then a few more people came up behind us and overtook me, leaving me to come in about 8th out of a field of a little more than 30 riders. Still, a good result for the day and one that I'm happy with. And I'll likely go back down in a couple of weeks, hopefully with a more sizable group so that we can maybe work together and do a little better. It was definitely a better experience than last week and I also did a good job of learning from what went wrong last week. And, again, I learned a few more things.

On the way back, we checked out the route for the Boloco Grand Prix race that's in a couple of weeks (no Cat 5 field, so I won't be doing it) which included doing a ride up Heartbreak Hill. Was kind of fun to see as I hadn't before, although I think that the “heartbreak” part was lost on us as we biked up it 😉 I can imagine that after running 20 miles it would kind of suck, though. Ended up with around 45 miles for the day rounding out the weekend at 100.

Tomorrow's a day in the office and then my classes start on Tuesday. So a busy week ahead. But busy's the way I like it best. And then the next week is the Summit and FUDCon, so likely even busier.