The spring semester ended and since then, I've been spending time in the office and also trying to get some time in for relaxing. Overall, the spring semester was good. The classes I was taking for the most part were very applicable and I can even see some of the value of ERBA, although I also can think of some ways that the class could have been better and more applicable for people. Everything else was very good, though. The couple of weeks of break have been nice too, although I'm looking forward to classes spinning back up for the summer. Given that there are basically four classes offered over the summer and I have two summers to take them, I'm just going to take two classes over the summer and then return to the more full load in the fall. But my summer classes are going to be Systems Engineering and System Dynamics. The former is a class that continues to be in flux as SDM tries to find the right mix of things for the class to really work; more changes are in store for this year, so I'm trying to keep a positive approach to the course. System Dynamics is a class I'm really looking forward to — I sat in on a day of it last summer and thought that the material seemed very useful. And with things I've learned during the spring, I'm looking forward to it even more.

As far as other things going on, I think I'll resort to list form

  • Been working on cleaning up my outstanding bug list. There were a number of outstanding pirut RFEs and with the move to PackageKit, I've just been closing those out. Also, spent some time cleaning up livecd-creator bugs and have got that down to just a small number of RFEs that I think we should be able to get taken care of for Fedora 10.
  • The rest of Bike Week was good… got in some good biking and also went to the Redbones Bike Week party which was a good time as usual. Even if I didn't win anything in the raffles. Hrmph.
  • Been biking quite a bit as the weather has gotten substantially nicer. Been shooting to get between 200 and 250 miles a week over the past couple of weeks and have largely been succeeding. Doing some commuting to the office helps there
  • Raced at the Lake Auburn Road Race this past weekend in the 4/5 field. The course was nice, but I ended up off the back of the pack partway through the first lap due to some accordioning and not being as comfortable going down the hills at 40 mph on wet roads in a large pack. Decided against time trialing in cold rain so didn't finish. But, I learned from it and have some ideas on how to get some improvements over the rest of the season
  • Watching as gas gets ever closer to $4/gallon… more and more glad that I bike as much as I do, but looking at what other trips I can switch over. Also, need to stop by the hardware store so I can get some p-clamps and put the other rack on Kara's bike
  • Mario Kart Wii is fun.

Now to see if I can finish up my presentation for the Red Hat Summit today as well as finishing closing out a few of the aforementioned livecd-creator RFEs.

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