Bike Week, Two Days In

As previously mentioned, this week is Bike Week and so I'm pushing myself to only travel by bike for the week for going to school/work rather than availing myself of some of the other options. Plus, it's spring and the office isn't that far, so biking in to work gets me some good extra miles.

Yesterday was supposed to be cool and rainy, but the weather forecasters were wrong and the day ended up being just cool and windy. Biked to school per normal, no real oddities. Legs were a little sore from Sunday's ride, but I took it easy and just tried to lightly spin which worked out well.

Today ended up being significantly warmer than I expected, so I ended up peeling off some clothes on my way out to the office. I also happened to be behind a guy on the bike path who had both of the pannier bags that I've been considering (the Arkel Bug and the Arkel Commuter). This was convenient as I was able to get some real opinions and based on that, I think I'm going to go with the Commuter.

My way home ended up being a bit more interesting… I passed a few Quad riders on 225 as I was heading back but only noticed as I was flying past them spinning for all I could (ahhh, the fixie on downhills :). They did eventually catch me with a “don't you hate having to race to catch up to a commuter on a single speed” and I rode with them for a ways. Fell off as they sped down Lowell Rd and I continued on. Happened upon someone on the other side of Concord Center with a mechanical and stopped to try to help them. Finally made it home as it was getting dark and then ended up helping my next door neighbor, who needed to borrow a pump so that he can bike to work tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Bike Week, Two Days In”

  1. Yeah, my commuting (and bad weather if I don’t feel like cleaning the Merlin after riding) bike is a Redline 9-2-5. It’s a lot of fun to ride and works great for its intended purposes. And now that I got a Tubus Logo and the Arkel Commuter pannier, it’s even pretty reasonable for the office commute.

    The one thing I keep thinking about doing is swapping the handlebars to drops instead of the mustache handlebars it came with last year. This year’s model is bullhorns which might also work nicely for giving more flexibility to stretch out.

  2. Err, more reasonable. The big problem before was that carrying a heavy bag on my back for the 20-ish miles each way was less than ideal after about 12-15 of the miles.

  3. Interesting! I’ve been thinking about getting a “fixie” myself, but I actually consider two wheels to be too much. 🙂 (Not all that good for commuting, but I used to know someone in DC that did that!)

    What made you choose that bike instead of just simply a single-speed or a more traditional road bike? What’s the advantage of not having gears or being able to coast?

  4. Well, the Redline has a flip-flop hub so I could run it as a single-speed if I wanted, but I don’t really see the point.

    Probably the biggest I reason I chose the bike is that simpler drive train ==> less need to worry about cleaning gunk. Which is nice with ridiculous New England winters. Also, the fixed gear really does work for smoothing out your pedal stroke which then has at least some impact on your power, etc. So it’s nice as a training tool too.

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