Decided to try to take some time this weekend for myself and not work as much as I have been on the weekends. Have been feeling a little bit less than fully charged, so figured it was worth it to get back up to my normal level. So since the weather looked like it was going to be disgusting on Saturday, we took the day for running some errands and some other things that had been being put off for a while. Of course, this meant that there was some really nice weather and I missed out on a good day for biking :-/ C'est la vie.

Yesterday, went ahead and went out even though the weather wasn't entirely ideal. Got in a good 45 mile ride, although for some reason, I seemed to be losing people at every turn. Was a little bit weird, but lots of people just had time commitments I think. Had a good little core group, though, and we rode pretty hard with little in the way of stopping. The latter being a bit part of what I'm trying to do more of this season — stopping less. Although the Quad ride is good, there's way too many long stops. So, trying to stop less and thus get in extra miles and have it be a better workout.

After the ride, I headed up to Tufts to help marshall for the Beanpot Classic Crit. Stood on corner 3 for about 3 hours during the collegiate women's A race, collegiate men's A race and the cat 3/4 race. There were some good things going on but the marshalling part lacked some excitement. Apparently I needed to be on one of the other corners for it to be exciting šŸ™‚ Was still good to do, though. Then, dinner at Za which was very good — macaroni and cheese on a pizza sounds wrong, but it tastes oh so right. We'll have to go back for sure.

So yeah, pretty good weekend and I've been feeling a bit better and more productive today as a result.

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