Monday, Monday, Monday!

Another busy Monday. Today was a little weird with Tech Strategy being directly after than ERBA rather than after lunch. Was a good class, although less interesting than last week's look at Apple. I just felt less engaged by looking at some of Polaroid's mistakes than some of the other cases that we've looked at. I'm not sure if that's because I spent less time preparing for the class (due to the previously mentioned “trying to do less work over the weekend”) or if it was the specifics or what, but it just didn't grab me as much.

The afternoon was consumed between trying to pay attention to the rel-eng meeting (and largely failing), doing the ERBA problem set that's due on Wednesday and a quick check-in with the faculty for PDD. Then a quick stop to look at panniers at the bike shop on the way home and it was time to dig into the piles of mail, bugzilla and work for the day. Mostly spent the time looking at some really bizarre bugs but finally tracked them down and got some fixes. Hopefully can continue to knock things out over the next few days to help solidify Fedora 9 as much as possible. Unfortunately, getting tablet PCs to work out of the box just didn't happen in time, although I have a good solid start and should be able to finish getting it working for Fedora 10. And it's always good to have a nice list of things to do for the next release before the current one is out the door 😉