Weekend Riding

Saturday morning woke up to a drizzly and overcast morning with wet roads. But, didn't let that stop me and got ready and headed down to the shop for the Quad ride. All told, there were only six of us that decided to go out between the weather and the earlier start. But we ended up doing a pretty good ride. Out to Carlisle and back with a trip up Strawberry Hill. Was a pretty solid ride and after only a little bit of rain, the ride turned a lot nicer. And the new wheels performed quite well. Then, came home, took a nap and then we went and ran a few errands to round out the evening.

Sunday morning woke up again to more overcast skies and a little bit cooler temperatures. But undeterred, I headed down to the shop again for the Quad ride. There was a significantly larger group for the day and after some warming up, there was definitely an attempt to try to get the legs moving. After the North Bridge in Concord, we were left entirely with a group of stronger riders and then sort of ended up having that group split in two at various points. Rode pretty hard through Strawberry Hill, Curve Street, down through Great Brook and around the rest of the loop. Came home and instead of a nap, got to dive into getting all of the homework I needed to get done for the weekend šŸ™‚

All told for the weekend, got in ninety miles of pretty good riding. It felt good to do some longer rides and also to push them a little bit harder than I've been doing the past while. I'm currently looking at doing at least a few races for the season, so it's time to be pushing a bit and also trying to make my riding a bit more structured. But, still want to have fun doing so. Also, I'm planning on doing the Seacoast Safari again as it was a fun ride last year with a nice route.