Manic Mondays

This half of the semester, it seems like my Mondays are incredibly busy and jam-packed with things needing to be done. Aside from just classes (which take up a fair bit of time), it seems like there's also always something that needs to be finished up for either Tech Strategy or PDD during my lunch “break” which I had been spending doing more work-related things. Then, after class are the ever-present ERBA problem sets which are due on Wednesday. On the plus side, by spending the time on them on Monday late afternoon and evening, I don't have to work on them on Tuesday. But it does lead to me feeling a little frantic on Mondays. Especially as I then go home and spend whatever is left of the evening catching up with email and bugzilla and also trying to fix various things.

Oh well, I think there's only one more week like this one so it should be getting better. And Tuesday is good for catching my breath again.