Ghost bugs

Feel like I spent pretty much the entire day just chasing down ghosts. Things that have been reported fleetingly but weren't reproducible. Luckily, was able to reproduce one or two of them so it wasn't entirely frustration. The ones I was able to reproduce were because davej came into the office and brought his eeePC, so I was able to reproduce one or two things that have been reported on the box and actually track down the cause. Of course, the bugs that he had noticed and reported disappeared into the wind when I tried to look at them. Blargh. Very very frustrating.

And interestingly on a related note — after using the eee, I'm actually pretty non-interested in them. Sure, the form factor is nice. But the keyboard is absolutely impossible to use. And after using it for a little bit, I don't even see how it would be that practical for just a travel device for things like mail, etc. The Nokia tablets seem better suited to it and even smaller. Maybe it's just the trying to squish a standard Fedora user experience onto the screen and if apps that were better suited were being used, it would make more sense to me. But, since lots of other people care, hopefully the few remaining little install niggles for them will be worked out in the next couple of days so that the process of using Fedora 9 on one can be pretty straight-forward.