Overall had a pretty good weekend, at least until today. Decided on Friday that the weather was a little bit iffy and so I'd just work from home. Also, we had been considering going to see a movie and figured it'd be easier if we weren't going after I got home from the office via the bus. Although I got some good work done, we didn't end up going to see a movie 🙂 Instead, we just grabbed dinner and headed home since Kara wasn't feeling well.

Yesterday morning, woke up and headed out on the Quad ride. Through a little bit of convincing, managed to convince a significant number of people to head out to Carlisle letting us get about 40 miles in. Afterwards, Kara and I went out to run some errands and then headed over to Dave Malcolm's (… he without a blog, thus who should have one 🙂 for a game night. A good time was had by all, especially while playing Betrayal (which, note to self: need to get a copy of)

Today, I woke up feeling like my head had been run over by a mack truck :-/ Congested, headache, throat ache… the works. Thus, I've spent most of the day on the couch, although I have done some things like catching up with bugzilla, mail and the like as well as doing the reading I need to do for tomorrow's class. Although I had aspirations to take a look at my problem set that's due on Wednesday, I think at this point, that's going to get put off until tomorrow or Tuesday. And the rest of the evening is going to consist of some orange juice, some Tylenol and some mindless TV watching.