Weekend’s End

And another weekend draws to a close. Much like the esteemed Mr. Frields, I stepped back from both work and class stuff for the weekend to just generally have a lazy, relaxing and enjoyable time. Friday, as I guessed, was largely spent lazing around. I slept in a bit, cleaned my bike, we picked up a couple of things at the Home Depot. The big achievement for the day was going out for a 30-ish mile ride with Kate after she got off from work. Just a short loop out to Concord/Carlisle and back. Was a good workout, though, given the amount of wind… sometimes, that cyclist you see in the middle of the lane isn't there because they're trying to take the lane; instead, the wind has put them there.

Saturday was a day of going out and being cultured. At least, sort of. Kara and I had made plans to go see Avenue Q and ended up going with and . The play was, as expected, quite funny although definitely somewhat … less than proper 🙂 Hence the “sort of” for being cultured. The Colonial Theater in Boston, though, is very very cool from an architectural perspective, it was built in 1900 and there's just a lot of neat and intricate woodwork and other things. Our seats were nosebleed, but you could see everything perfectly well. A good time was had by all and we got home and mostly just vegetated for the rest of the evening.

Today was a riding day again and I got up and headed out and did a 45 mile loop to Westford and back. We rode pretty hard and I'm starting to feel my legs and my form coming back. While I'm noticing it a little tonight, through the ride I felt strong even up to the very end and was pushing myself pretty hard at that point. Still need to decide if I'm going to make a real effort at racing this season or not — on the one hand, it could be fun. On the other, I'm not sure if I really have the time. But even if I don't go all out with racing, I think I'll at least try to do a few. Do another road race or two to see how I do and also probably should try out a crit, although I doubt that's really my racing strength.

This week, it's all work all the time. Or at least, lots of work lots of the time. Will still probably try to have some downtime in the evenings since it is technically spring break and Fedora 9 beta is done.

2 thoughts on “Weekend’s End”

  1. Great job on the bike rides

    Makes me think that a fat guy like me is truly a slacker – I always claim that I don’t have the time. I’ve come to find that I have to *make* the time. Maybe not start out with the 45-mile rides but slowly work up to it….

    Thanks for the inspiration. Next step is to buy a bike 🙂 Any suggestions?

  2. Re: Great job on the bike rides

    Making the time is definitely important. I’m now to where I start getting unfun to be around if I don’t get in at least one good long ride a weekend.. just ask my wife. One thing that’s helping me get in more miles is that I’m commuting to MIT (~ 15 miles round trip) and for the work shuttle (~ 6) most days. And as it warms up, I’m planning to do one day a week of commuting to the office (~40 miles round trip) just to help keep me riding ridiculous amounts 😉

    As for bike suggestions, it depends on what type of riding you’re planning on doing. The biggest suggestion is to find a good bike shop that you’re comfortable going to. They’ll be able to steer you the right direction and also are good to have around for whenever you need maintenance, etc. But all of the big bike manufacturers have perfectly good bikes for pretty much all of the market segments and it comes down to slight differences between them — mostly in how they fit you.

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