On my ride home last night, I had a cyclist mention the brightness of my lights and then at a later stop light, I had a passenger in the car next to me roll down their window and ask about the lights I use. While the first time I've had someone in a car ask or say anything, I get comments from other cyclists and pedestrians semi-regularly. Which, on the one hand, is good. It means that the light setup I'm using is very visible. On the other hand, it means that many other cyclists are less visible. Good lights make a huge difference both for seeing and being seen.

Oh, and for reference, my normal lighting strategy includes the following lights:

2 thoughts on “Visibility”

  1. This is just for road biking, right? How well do you like the MiNewt? It looks a bit dim for the singletrack I normally ride. I’d love to have the TriNewt but there’s no money for that right now. 🙁

  2. Yeah, road riding. My mountain biking days are long past 🙂

    I’m actually quite happy with the MiNewt (I’ve actually got the newer x2 version). The newer one is twice as bright as the old, so if you haven’t seen the new one, it’s worth a look. It’s still not as bright as the TriNewt, but on roads, it’s definitely more than sufficient. It’s even good for the (paved) bike path, although I’ve been avoiding the path through the winter.

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