A miscellaneous debugging tale

I had noticed a week or so ago that the daily rawhide live cds I build had been failing to boot with SELinux enabled. At first, I thought it was just broken policy for a day as that happens from time to time. It then continued, though. So I started looking a little. Was it some of the changes in livecd-creator? A few too many debugging cycles later and I confirm that the labels on files were right after our package install and after our relabel. but they're definitely wrong on the disk when we boot.

I let it sit for a few days to try to come up with more inspiration. Yesterday I got the idea to try without our minimization and that was fine. So now I'm on to something. Another day and way too many image builds later, it looks like the root is resize2fs running on filesystems with 256 byte inodes losing xattrs. And esandeen has now managed to reproduce outside of livecd-tools and should hopefully have a fix soon. Until then, I've changed livecd-tools to default to 128 byte inodes so that it doesn't hurt testing.

But man that sucked to track down :/