New anaconda partitoning goodies for Fedora 9

We've been working on a few new goodies for when partitioning your disks at install-time for Fedora 9. The first one, which I've previously mentioned, is support for resizing filesystems at install-time. The second one is a bunch of work from dlehman to support installing to encrypted devices (including your root device).

I've now managed to get both of these hooked up to be easily usable for those who don't want to do manual partitioning. And once again, I think I'll let the movie do the talking…

Ogg Theora Screencast of resizing + encryption during auto-partitioning

This should help a bit with those users who are new to Fedora (or Linux in general) and want to do an install on their machine. And actually, even help those who aren't so new but just got a new machine.