Balance, balance, balance

Two days of classes down while getting work done at the same time. On the class side, I've now had the first classes of Thesis Seminar, ERBA and PDD. Thesis seminar is pretty much what I expected — an effort for you to get to know some professors and start coming up with ideas for the thesis. ERBA was this morning and seems like it's going to be a fun class. I was sitting there today and thinking “ooh, discrete math, whee!” and I also think some of the examples should be interesting. PDD was this afternoon and seems like it should be pretty good, too. Having some more rigorous background in how to do “traditional” engineering should help a lot when working with people for whom that's their background. Also, there are times when a more rigorous approach than we tend to use in the open source world could be truly beneficial. All that said, I'm also planning to have my project for the course not be software based — I think that'll help me to avoid some bad assumptions from the beginning.

The balance side of things is balancing going to classes (and the work to be done for the classes) with actually getting things done for work. Thus far, that's going pretty well. Yesterday was very productive and today isn't ending up being too bad. Made some good progress yesterday on some anaconda stuff and today is more getting some things fixed up in livecd-tools so that I can push the new version into rawhide. Stay tuned for a neat screencast soon with one of the anaconda changes…

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  1. Re: Anaconda changes

    Just wait until you see what I’ve whipped up in the past day or so. I’m just trying to build some buzz by teasing with it. Movie to be put up tomorrow…

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