Back to some more normal programming

After a couple of days in the office and a weekend, I'm starting to feel pretty much caught up in Fedora land with the past month. I've even managed to push a few commits to various things.

That said, there is still more to do. On the top of the list for today (and thus, the week) is doing a good review of dmc's persistance patches. They've been sitting out there too long and it's probably time to either pull them in or figure out some other path to resolution on them. I also want to (probably in parallel) go ahead and get a build of git livecd-tools out into rawhide for more people to play with.

On the anaconda side of things, I need to sit down and make another attempt at the code for easier resizing. I'd really like to land something like that this week so it can have enough testing.

And then there is the start of spring classes on Tuesday. So a busy week, but should also be a good one.