One day left of IAP…

Tomorrow's the last day of the IAP session, after which a lot (roughly half?) of our cohort will go off to wherever they're from and be distance students for much of the rest of the program. While one of the strengths of the program, it's also one of the downsides… it's nice to have everyone where you can just easily grab them in the hallway for a conversation, but so it goes.

Today was the last day of formal classes — tomorrow is just a seminar type day on leadership. Not sure what to expect of it going in. Also, only two papers left, my big parts of both being pretty much set (one is due Thursday, the other the first of next week).

So since I'm somewhat caught up in that respect, I've been spending some time catching up with Fedora. I'm pretty current with mail at this point and also have made some headway on bug triaging. Now just to get back into the swing of fixing things come Thursday.

One thought on “One day left of IAP…”

  1. Go, Fedora, go!

    I am glad that you can focus some of your energy to fedora. Too bad that I have too much stuff stuck with vista. I still like my old fc days.


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