DC2 Finished and the Approach of Spring Classes

And Design Challenge 2 is now fully done. I sent off the paper before leaving this evening. I've also made good progress on the other remaining papers and am planning to be fully done with my parts at least tonight or tomorrow. Then I get to have a few days of “real work” and re-immersing myself in Fedora to catch up with the past month before spring classes start next week. I am actually quite looking forward to those classes starting up, too, as I think that most of what I'm taking should be really fun/interesting. Also, it should be nice to be working and doing classwork — which I expect to be a lighter load than the past month 😉

For the semester, I have two full-fledged classes that run the entire semester, two half semester classes and the thesis seminar.

First up on the full-semester side is ERBA, Engineering Risk Benefit Analysis. This is a math-y class looking at how you can quantify and make decisions. I think it should be pretty fun but I am decidedly messed up in the head 🙂 The other full semester class is Product Design and Development. It'll be interesting to do some more formal comparisons of traditional pdd cycles and open source.

My half semester classes are both Sloan courses and I'm really looking forward to them. First half I have User Centric Innovation in the Internet Age with Eric von Hippel. The syllabus of readings for the course are pretty compelling and I think I'll be able to add a lot to the discussions based on my background. The other is Tech Strategy. I've yet to hear a bad thing about this course and the presentation from the professor at the alumni conference was pretty compelling. Details and impressions on it from me will have to wait until 2H though.

The thesis seminar is intended to help jumpstart thinking both on thesis topics and to get to know some of the “typical” thesis advisors for SDM students. I don't really have to be thinking about that this soon since I'm a 24 month student, but I guess you can't start too early really.