Design Challenge 2

And just like that, DC2 is done. Or at least, mostly so. Our presentation was this afternoon and we stayed a while last night to do some trials and ensure everyone was on the same proverbial page. I'm pretty happy with how itsturned out, too. I think that as far as a solution goes, we came to something which is reasonable and makes for a nice “system” (which was a big part of the exercise). And then there was a part which is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy out there, but it did fit into the system 🙂

One thing about DC2 that I'm very happy about is that our presentation wasn't the typical powerpoint death by bullets. The more I sit through them (… and there are some professors that do them), the more I dislike them. It really is a terrible way to convey information and it ensures that people in your audience just sit and read rather than listening. Convincing my group of this took a little bit of work, but I managed in the end and I think I might have even sold some of them on the philosophy in general.

Then tonight, we had a get-together at Character's to celebrate the end of DC2. Pretty much everyone went which was good for chances to talk to people. I really do like everyone in my cohort and it was nice to be able to talk to them without an assignment being due. Well, that's not entirely true. There is still a bit to be done (have to finish up the DC2 paper, one more big paper, one small memo and a homework assignement), but it's a lot more managable.

And once that's all out of the way, January will be over. The time has flown, but it's been really good to get back into the mindset for classes. And it's been good to be able to get to know a number of my classmates. The January session is definitely a very valuable and important part of the program — I'm sure that it's going to help me out over the coming months in a variety of ways. One downside of January being over is that about half the class will head back to wherever they are from and be distance students as opposed to being around on-campus. But, I'm used to working with people over the 'net, so it shouldn't be too bad. IM/jabber and maybe even we'll see some IRC usage pop up 🙂

But now, it's time for bed so that I can get up in the morning for the Creativity Workshop in System Architecture.