Another week of January gone

Another week of the January session is over and with it is the end of the first of our classes, Probability and Statistics. I thought that the class was well done for a 15 hour (five 3-hour classes) refresher over all of the big pictures of probability and statistics and it got a few neurons firing which hadn't done so in a while. It's hard to believe that at this point, I'm a little over halfway done with this part of the program. It'll be nice to start a more “normal” class schedule, though.

Once all of the required bits of the day were done, I headed over to the Muddy for some of the celebration for the 13-month SDM '07'ers (and 24 month SDM '06'ers, although I know fewer of them) who finished up their theses today and are thus ready for graduation. After some talking and sitting around, a group of us headed off towards Bertucci's to grab some dinner which was good.

Then, I headed off and hit up J5 and clarkbw's housewarming party. Got to see some folks from work as well as meet some new people which was good.

Then, headed home and now I think that I'm about to head off to get a good night's sleep. On the agenda for this weekend is maybe some biking as well as definitely getting a fair bit more work done on various bits of classwork and DC2. Might also try to squeeze in a little bit of bug fixing just to keep from getting too rusty with bugzilla 😉