16 January 2007

While the robotics competition is over, there's still been plenty to do as part of IAP. We've had a pretty steady stream of homework for both Statistics and System Architecture. And the assignments for both of these have definitely had some time commitment behind them. As I look at the statistics longer, it's coming back to me quicker, which is good at least. But System Architecture is pretty time-consuming.

In addition, we've really been spinning up our work on solving global warming. This has involved quite a bit of reading and research. It's been pretty interesting to read, especially some of the counter-opinions. But But it's a pretty overwhelming amount of stuff to wade through.

FUDCon sounds like it was a bit of fun and that a lot of good stuff got accomplished. I'm sorry to have missed it, but at this point, there's definitely no way I could have gotten out of class stuff to make that happen. I am at least back to looking at mail a little more, though, and so am feeling a little bit more caught up with what's going on. And I look forward to the real semester starting and being able to sink my teeth back into some Fedora stuff while continuing the classwork.

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