Robo-Olympics Wrap Up

The Robo-Olympics took place yesterday basically all day. It was quite a bit of fun to see what decisions everyone had made on the various areas of their robot. While everyone started with the same basic stuff, there ended up being quite a bit of variation in the robots. Also, some of the creative aspects for the opening ceremony and the synchronized dancing were great. There definitely were groups who were more creative than ours 🙂

From a technical perspective, our robot did pretty well — things mostly worked. The archery was hitting the distance consistently, but the tendency to go to the right hurt our ability to hit targets. The relay pieces were unfortunately hit a bit by some of the obstacles being difficult for our robot to navigate. The true surprise of the day, though, was our robot taking the Tug of War competition. I really have no clue how it happened, but it was pretty cool anyway 🙂

Overall, our team came in third out of the ten teams which I'm quite pleased with. Then, we had a bit of a celebration and then it was on to homework for System Architecture and starting to think on Design Challenge 2….