January 2, 2008

Decided that I should go ahead and go into the office today as I had a few things to fax and figured I could get a bit more done that way. Definitely ended up being the right call to make.

First up was looking into why my laptop didn't want to suspend when I was heading into the office this morning. It's looking like the problem is somewhere in the -mm drm patch which is currently in the rawhide kernel is the source of the problem. Luckily, there's an easy workaround of just disabling DRI for now and things then work. But kylem is looking into it now and should hopefully get to the bottom of it.

Then, I spent some time looking at getting the wacom driver to auto-adjust for xrandr and discovered that with the new input hotplug stuff, the coordinate conversion function in input drivers is no longer called. This is annoying at best, and definitely makes the implementation more of a pain. So bugged ajax about it and decided to leave it be for the afternoon.

Then, I started the reinstall of my laptop. Backed up /home and was then on my way with a rawhide live image. Installed with an encrypted pv as my root device and then did the sync back. Thus far at least, it looks like we've been pretty good for getting things out of the system and into the user session. Only a few things had to be fixed up and they're on the table to be made automatic for F9. The first is setup of the wacom device by default (xorg.conf needs to die)… hopefully with the hotplug input stuff in X, we should be able to remove the need for that. The second was setting up thinkfinger but Bastien is planning to work a bit on making that out of the box.

So all in all, a productive day and well worth heading in to the office to get it all done. Now hopefully I am right and there's not anything lurking under the covers to make my life painful over the next little bit.