Had a good Christmas. We went down to NC to spend time with my family. We flew out last Friday and then flew back Wednesday morning. Our flight on Friday was a little concerning due to some unexpected delays and not a lot of time to make our connection, but it worked out okay. While we were in Hickory, we also managed to get together with and one night and then the next day. Other than that, it was pretty low key. Got quite a bit of reading done, watched a few movies and ate way too much.

Since getting back, have tried to get some of my backlog of stuff for work taken care of. Unfortunately, progress has been slower than I'd like and some of the current rawhide bugs haven't been helping. But some good things have gotten done. Should hopefully get some more done over the next few days before school starts for me on Thursday. And then, I'm not going to get much Fedora-related done for the next month — hopefully I'll be able to keep up with mail, but more than that may well be over-optimistic.