Oh the weather outside is frightful

Overall, having a pretty good weekend. Friday evening, headed down towards Fenway to have dinner and hang out with some SDM folks. Met another person in my cohort who had just moved to the area from Lebanon to start SDM. Also present were some of the by now I guess “usual suspects”. Had a good time at dinner and we then migrated over to play some pool for a bit. A good time was had and we eventually headed home.

Yesterday, the morning ride was cancelled due to poor road conditions. Instead, I shoveled a path for my car and took it up to the dealer to turn it in. My lease is up soon and between the shuttle to the office from Alewife, public transit to Cambridge and biking around town for errands, I no longer had a need for a car. Kara still has her car for when we need to go somewhere via car, but this way will let us save a bit and also just seems like the “right” thing to do. After that, we took care of some Christmas shopping. Also while we were out, I looked a bit for some more suitable shoes for the snow, etc… unfortunately, everyone else has now had that idea also and so things were pretty picked over and I didn't have much luck.

Today, we were supposed to be getting together for a friend's birthday but the accumulation of snow and ice thus far might make that more challenging. Especially if the management company doesn't show up soon to start clearing walkways, etc. And with my aforementioned lack of boots.

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  1. Re: You want frightful weather….

    The temperature doesn’t bother me (for the most part). It’s more the sheet of ice covering every surface.

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