Resizing Bling

The partition resizing code for anaconda is coming along pretty well and is looking like a pretty definite thing for Fedora 9 at this point. Need to rebase my patchset to a more current tree, implement a few more things and clean up a little bit of the UI. But, it's definitely demo-worthy at this point. So I'll just leave you with that as if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a movie is worth at least a million words 😉

Ogg Theora Screencast of Resizing Partitions, Courtesy of Istanbul

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  1. Thanks

    I was really hoping that this would make it into Fedora 9 and not be dropped and the fast paced work that is going on so early in the release cycle leaves me hopeful. This has been my main stumbling block to adopt Fedora as manually resizing partitions with QtParted on a Knoppix CD before hand has proven unreliable. I just beg and plead that you incorporate NTFS resizing.


    Jonathan Pritchard

  2. Re: Thanks

    The infrastructure is all done quite generically to allow the implementation of other filesystems; it’s just easiest for me to do all of the initial implementation with ext[23] because the tools are more “familiar”. NTFS is definitely in the works, probably very shortly after the code initially makes it into the repo. The crux will of course then just be getting the testing

  3. Annaconda — slightly off topic

    Is there a way to let installers know that when in the right window pane, (during application selection), that they may right click to select all the entries? I discovered it back with Fedora Core5. It is not promoted.

    Even more powerful would be the extension of that idea for the left pane.

    Just bringing it up as Annaconda is being modified, and this is a good opportunity to make it easier and faster to use.

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