Thanksgiving Weekend

Enjoyed a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend of doing very little. Managed to ride a bit each day even with the weather being a little on the cooler side. We also had some folks over on Saturday evening for a game night where there was good food, good company and some good games. Picked up a new game (Conquest of Pangea) which was actually a bit of fun and we had three games going at one point which was good. Otherwise, the weekend was filled with reading, some Guitar Hero and avoiding work 🙂

That said, today I paid the price a bit with the email backlog. But, still managed to get some time for writing some code. And I made some reasonable progress with what's needed on the filesystem resizing code for anaconda — first I managed to get a working test environment again (*sigh*) and I also managed to get some code to figure out what the maximum size for the partition is. Now I need to spend some time on the UI to try to make it work a little bit nicer. Once that's out of the way, I'm going to go ahead and merge it up with the current code and commit it so that we can start getting some testing with it.