19 November

Good weekend overall. Went to see the play Brendan Friday night. It was pretty good. The theater that it was performed in was really nice… new and smaller, which made being able to see not even close to a problem. It was also nice afterwards when we were walking to get dinner as I could look at Google Maps on my phone to ensure we were walking in the right direction.

Saturday, I woke up and decided against going for a ride. Instead, spent a little bit of time poking at some non-Fedora work stuff. Went and ran some errands then came home. Played a bit of Guitar Hero while Kara worked on a paper for class. Decided to take it easy in the evening so just ordered pizza and watched some episodes of Dexter and a few other things which had been building up on the Tivo.

Yesterday, woke up and did ride. Did about 40 miles and the weather was definitely the nicer of the two days. Although maybe a tiny bit colder it was a lot less windy making for a more pleasant ride. Not a lot of people out, though — we only had at most 20 people. But I guess that's the norm as it gets colder.

Today has thus far been spent getting a handle on some backlogged bugs and preparing an update for some bugs which people have found with pirut in the first little bit of Fedora 8 being in the wild. Also, responding to some of the feedback on the post of a major refactoring of livecd-creator. Unfortunately, the latter has seen less feedback than I would have liked, but not less than I realistically expected. Infrastructure tools are something that people just want to work — how they work is less of a concern. But the idea is to start having an API beneath livecd-creator that can be used by other tools and also a move towards hopefully sharing more code with anaconda.

Over the rest of the week, I'm hoping to get a little further both with the livecd bits as well as the filesystem resizing code for anaconda. It's a short week, though, so not sure if I'll actually be that successful.