Fedora 8: Billions and Billions Served

Had a pretty relaxing weekend to decompress from the Fedora 8 release. Got in some good riding even though the temperature has dropped a bit (highs of the lower 40s). Had missed going out on both days of the weekend due to weather the past few weeks, so it was nice to get back to that. And there was a good group out for riding both days. Saturday evening, went fake (candlepin) bowling with some people for Kara's birthday and then headed back to our place where we played various things on the Wii. Oh, I also made some reasonable progress in Guitar Hero over the weekend šŸ™‚

Monday was spent catching up with mail and bug traffic since I didn't look at it much over the weekend. Mail was a bit busy between discussions of improvements to codeina and some discussion of directions to go with the distribution source control. The former unfortunately spiraled a bit out of control and into meta issues rather than more concretely looking at how to integrate with the packaging system and making it so that users in other parts of the world can have an easy drop in way to get the codecs from their third party repo of choice.

The source management discussion was a little better and there definitely seems to be a growing agreement that a DSCM has advantages. Unfortunately getting people looking at the bigger workflow issues is hard. I think that's partly because there is a large gap between contributors who are developers on the upstream code and want to have an easier time merging patches, rebasing, etc vs those who package and are pretty happy with the upstream archives. I think we currently very much optimize for the latter case. This isn't bad though; we just need to look at ways to have more infrastructure to set up and maintain a more source centric repo while making it easy to move changes back and forth between representations. I bet quilt, stgit, etc will help.

Other than reading through those discussions, I spent the afternoon looking at the inevitable F8 bugs that slipped in. A hang during depsolving and a hand on some types of updates are the big ones and fixes for both are in hand. Still need to fix a problem with kmod updates and also a segv on installs related to pcmcia, but overall, things look pretty good. The problems occur at points where we haven't deleted what's on the disk and that are pretty doable for fixing with updates.

Today I spent working some more on the little project I'm hoping to push for Fedora 9. I've been a little tight-lipped, because I didn't want to raise any hopes, but at this point, I'm pretty comfortable saying that we should have partition and filesystem resizing support in the installer for Fedora 9. Thus far, I've just got mostly prototype code, but it's working pretty well, so it's just a matter of cleaning up a few of the hacks and then spending some time on the UI. Well, and lots and lots of testing. This will be a feature that it will be good to finally land as its been requested for a long, long time. It's just that we now have taken care of the various things which made it impractical to do in the past. Screenshots soon, code to be commited before too long as well.

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