On good customer service

I've been known to use this space to rant about poor customer service from companies at times, so it's only fair that I should say good things about companies as well. This morning, there was a high-voltage transformer which blew, leaving me without power for a few hours this morning (which was interesting in and of itself given that I was in the middle of an important-ish discussion on IRC… but the IRC client on my phone came to the rescue). When the power really went out, I heard a loud-ish pop sound.

Fast forward to a few hours later when the power had returned. I start checking to turn things back on. When turning on the Monster power center I have my AV equipment hooked into, it just made a dull buzzing sound. A quick look online showed that to mean that the surge suppression had triggered and it had killed itself to protect my equipment. I then proceeded to plug everything into another power strip and make sure that it all worked and it did. So score one for the power center. I then proceeded to call Monster's customer service/warranty line. After about five minutes on hold, I talked with a nice support guy who was basically “Yep, it did its job. What is your address so that we can send you a warranty replacement?” It should be shipped today or tomorrow and I should thus have a new one either the end of this week or the first of next week.

And thus, although Monster cables are a bit (okay, absurdly) over-priced, I'm quite happy with the Power Center product. It did exactly what it was advertised to do and they're going to replace it so that a new one can do the same. And the process for having them do so is one of the most painless I've ever had.

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  1. Good manufacturer’s site, too

    Some sites that don’t sell direct make it really hard to find where to buy their products. Curious about Monster stuff after your post, I went to their site, clicked on Where to Buy (which is in the nav bar at the top), put in my city, zip code, and miles radius I wanted to search, and got back my answers. After having this be difficult in some many other sites, score another one for Monster for good site design.

    Of course, that is more than equaled out by the overuse of Flash on their site. 🙁

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