Fall is in the air and a Fedora release is on its way out

As a few other people have mentioned, we finished up Fedora 8 on Friday and it's currently on its way to the mirror masters so that the mirrors should be able to start picking it up tomorrow (just pending getting the export control bits into place) and we'll be releasing on Thursday. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good about the release — we got some good things in and I think that a lot of the improvements should be pretty visible to most of our users. Doesn't mean there are things that could be better or that we could do better from a process perspective. But for the moment, I think I'm going to try to enjoy the fact that the release is done.

Today, spent a bit of time biking — got in a nice leisurely 45 mile ride enjoying the fall weather and leaves. And it was a beautiful day for it. Hope there are still plenty more like it to come before winter arrives. Then, picked up Guitar Hero III for the Wii later in the afternoon… and now, to go spend some time playing it 🙂

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